On the road back to Nairobi from Narok

On the road back to Nairobi from Narok

The Cool Base Selections Store, Narok

The platform at Nairobi Railway Station

Isobel talks to a Belgian girl

Tusker beer is duly consumed

Dinner time on the sleeper train

Nosher and Isobel in the crazy restaurant car

Kids run alongside the train

Isobel surveys the scenery

Breakfast on a train: it looks like we haven't moved

Isobel in our sleeper cabin

A view of our little train room

The ramshackle train rumbles through the countryside

The Kenya Railway is using semaphore signals

A girl runs alongside the train

A small boy desperately runs after the train

Maji Ya Chumvi halt/station

Another small boy chases the train

The train corridor

Rumbling through the Kenyan countryside

Children wave at the train

People wait at Mariakani halt

A woman with a bundle on her head

Rail-side kiosk

Some dude walks along the tracks

A signal box at Changamwe

A shanty-town just outside Mombasa

People are living on landfill outside Mombasa

Old railway building in Mombasa

The lump of iron that hauled our train

Portable ghetto-blasters haven't reached Mombasa

A giant Coca-Cola bottle in the street

A shop in Likoni sells metal pots

Our stunning private beach

Resident cat Patchy looks out

Patchy Cat peers through a hole in the wall

A small boat on the Indian Ocean

Breakfast fruit and juice

Patchy Cat sprawls out on our bed

Prickly Pear cacti

Our Tiwi Beach cottage

Palm trees on the beach

Women pick small shells to make necklaces

Bright cloths wave in the sun

A thatched beach hut

Isobel and a beer at the nearby Twiga resort bar

An anti-mosquito coil has left a nice pattern

Another breakfast on the verandah

Our cottage's lounge

The bedroom

Isobel gets a pedicure

Life on the beach

A fresh coconut, straight from the tree

Two monkeys have a scrap

A monkey perches on a pole

One of the resident baby monkeys

Another baby monkey plots how to steal our food

A monkey flakes out

Another view of the beach

Nice purple flowers on the beach

A final look at the beach

Detritus on the beach

Our little garden area

A wooden construction in Likoni

Random shops and shacks, Likoni

The Municipal Council of Mombasa Revenue Office

A dude with a large stack of eggs on his bike

Interesting street life

Down by the docks in Mombasa

Chicken heads poke up from the back of a van

The train awaits for our return trip to Nairobi

Isobel heads off to the shop

The almost-empty platform

Derelict railway tracks

Mombasa: altitude 18 metres.

Mombasa station

Nosher peers out of the train

Isobel looks up from the platform

Some old rolling stock

Adverts on corrugated iron

Mazeras, where the train stops

The train sits around doing nothing much

There's quite a crowd of people milling around

We escape through Mazeras village

Isobel in the middle of our 'splinter group'

The view from Nosher's bus seat

On the coach

Trolleys by the Baghdad Guest House

A mosque

The Café Ruzanna

The 'Oasis Hotel'

The countryside looks like the Australian outback

The queue of traffic outside Voi

The crazy bus

The bustling town of Voi

Another scene from Voi

Part of the queue of HGVs

Outside Voi, the Kenyan Police helicopter lurks

Baobob trees

There are one or two signs around

A massive tree

Crowds somewhere

Back on the plane to the UK

Sand dunes in the Sudanese desert

In Libya, central-pivot irrigation has left its mark

Elvis pops up from time-to-time on the SkyTrack system

More desert formations

A Libyan oilfield.