Narok to Naivasha, Kenya, Africa - 5th November 2010

The next leg of our honeymoon in Kenya takes us back up the unbelievably-potholed road to Narok and Mai Mahui and then left towards the town of Naivasha, or more precisely the lake nearby. Apparently home to the largest expat population in Kenya, as well as hungry, hungry hippos, it's a popular stop on the regional safari circuit. We spend just one night there, but cram in a boat trip on the lake, watching hippos graze at night and, on the following day, mountain-biking through Hell's Gate National Park.

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All along the roadside are bundles of wood destined for making charcoal

A street scene in Narok

An ancient car sits on old tyres by the roadside in Mai Mahui

The Musafi Hotel does chips, apparently. Not too inviting as the rains lash down on Mai Mahui

The relaxing bucolic splendour of Fisherman's Camp by Lake Naivasha

Isobel looks around as a bottle of Tusker beer awaits

Nosher and Isobel

Isobel and Will stride out to the boat

Will and Tony: a study in fluorescent orange and green

Tony, Isobel and Nosher

A bird flies past a submerged tree

A pelican takes to the air

Floating lily pads and spindly trees

More floating lilies, and the calm waters of Lake Naivasha

A bit blurry, but this is a hippo out to graze, only a few tens of metres from the bar

Our cabin's facilities

Isobel sorts out the ever-present mosquito net

Our cabin

A 'Splendid Starling' (its actual name) pokes about

A side street overlooking the lake

Will cycles one of our rented bikes down the road towards Hell's Gate

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All along the roadside are bundles of wood destined for making charcoal