Absurd Amazon packing

Absurd Amazon packing

The Boy Phil and Bill at South Mimms

Hot food for sale at South Mimms services

The Boy Phil has some stringy cheese to deal with

The lads do a kind of 'Abbey Road' thing at South Mimms

Driving on the M3

Simon, Sean and Hamish are already kitted up at paintball

Phil and Marc

Nosher, ready for Paintball

Simon and Sean

Sean, Nosher, The Boy Phil and Bill in full camo

Marc and Phil

Marc wanders over in a kind of 'war is hell' style

We get the pre-balling pep talk

Marc in a hut

The Stags are under fire

After the event, Sean, Simon and Hamish mill around

A Paintball group photo

We hang out in Sean's conservatory

Phil's found a cat

Bill shows off his frankly staggering war-wounds

Sean plays guitar

Phil has a go at tormenting Holly the cat

Bill checks a menu out

Nosher gets to iron everyone's shirt for some reason

Holly wants out

Nosher irons Bill's shirt

Marc and The Boy Phil play Mario-kart on the Wii

Bill does a bit of the Wii

Hamish, Bill and Marc in The Jarna

Sean in the Jarna

Hamish, Bill and Marc

Sean and Nosher

We load up in Hamish's Sprog-hauler

Marc moons out of Hamish sprog-hauler

Ready to leave Old Milton

The junction of Lymington Road and Barton Court Avenue

Hamish drives us out of New Milton

Down near the quay at Lymington

Hamish, Bill and Phil

In the beer garden of the Ship Inn

Hamish chats to Bill

Marc pops his head over the wall

The quay at Lymington

Boats on the river

Outside the Ship Inn

Walking up Quay Hill

Hamish checks his mobile

Someone borrows the camera

Marc has a fag

Phil has a sleep

Bill is amused by Phil's dozing

Quay Hill and the King's Head Inn

A view of Quay Hill

A stray traffic cone

The lads cross the road

Our accommodation for the night

At Barton-on-Sea, Marc stares over the cliff

Walking the clifftop at Barton

Phil takes a photo of the Needles

Bill on the rocks

The Boy Phil takes a photo

The Boy Phil looks out to sea

Phil and Bill on the groyne

A carpet of pink flowers on the undercliff

Sean looks down from the clifftop

Bill and Marc in the Plough

Marc in the Plough

Phil and Marc have a quick sleep

Jon the Hair's mother appears

Bill and Nosher

Simon checks his phone

The Plough 'In'

Marc and Phil back at South Mimms