A Trip to Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain - 29th April 2005

Ninja M allegedly has some Kuk-sool Won competition in Barcelona, but as he's not exactly a confident traveller, Nosher and The Boy Phil decide to tag along for the weekend trip. Whilst there, we do some of the usual tourist stuff like the Fat Tyre bike tour, the Barcelona Aquarium, tapas, La Rambla and a frosty beer at Bar Glaciar in Plaça Reia

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A bit of Barceolna by night

A seedy back street

A quiet street by night

The Boy Phil and Ninja M hang out

The Plaça Reia

Ninja M's on the ice cream

A street scene con las chicas

A policeman on horseback

The bike tour guy - Ivan - does an introduction

We assemble outside the Fat Tyre shop

A crumbling building for sale

A Spanish guitarist in the square near the Museu de Picasso

A 'modernisme' Art Deco building

The Arc de Triomf

Regrouping near the Arc de Triomf

A tour-group photo

A woman holds a 'yard sale' on the Carrer de la Marina

Barcelona apartments

The perpetually-unfinished Sagrada Família

Gaudí's incomplement monument

The Boy Phil roams around

More construction

A pigeon is caught in mid-air at the Parc de la Ciutadela

The tour group again

Ninja M heads off

Frank Gehry's fish on the seafront

Cycling along the promenade

A stack of tour bikes

On the beach

Ivan eats Quavers

Chris from the US

The Boy Phil tries the sea out

Funky statue

Back at the bike shop

The bikes are returned and stacked up

Some old local dudes walk about

A purpley fish

A cuttlefish

Some kind of Angel fish

Octopus suckers

A sea horse

Another type of leafy sea horse

A wide avenue somewhere

A bloke on a bike down by the harbour

The bridge to the aquarium

Phil, Jon and Chris

The boys are in a queue for a restaurant

Major queueing situation

Ninja M in a restaurant

Inside Bar Glaciar

Some high-end tapas

The Boy Phil and Jon get their names done as Chinese characters

Some exciteables drive past in a convertible

The Chinese writer dude

A stag group passes by

The teeming hordes on La Rambla

An late-night flower shop

The Glaciar

A human pyramid in Plaça Reia

The human pyramid is complete

The columned walkways surrounding Plaça Reia

Ninja M looks forlornly into a restaurant window

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A bit of Barceolna by night