A guard patrols outside the Royal Palace

A guard patrols outside the Royal Palace

A placque dedicated to King Gustav

The royal palace

The Royal Palace, front view

A clock tower

Julian mills around

A copper-covered bell and clock tower

Down a cobbled street

Pushing a bike uphill by the Lady Hamilton Hotel

Cobbles are arranged in concentric rings

Gamla Stan

An interesting archway leads off to an alleway

Empty café tables

Armchairs in the street outside Café Bacci

A tall ship

No farting vehicles

The waterfront and the Stockholm Grand Hotel

The Saltsjön pleasure boat

A viking ship head

Architectural detail: a backlit streetlight

A victorian pissoir

A square that looks like it could be Brussels

The Svenska Akadamien

The locals huddle under blankets outside a café

More café culture

Another side street

Inside Café Bacci, a pub quiz is occuring

The bar of Totzvig restaurant, where we're eating

Julian eats reindeer

Gamla Stan: an evening street scene

Julian checks his phone

Julian gets a phone snap of a sock

Crowds mill around in Gamla Stan

The clock tower, lit up at night

Stockholm and the bridge over the harbour

Stockholm by night

Ornate arches on the walk back to the main town

A contented lion statue, like Dougal

The beer menu in the Birger Jarl

Nosher's room in the Birger Jarl

Julian checks out

The funky reception area of the Birger Jarl

The street outside the hotel

Julian with his bags

A Stokholm church

A market occurs

The Hötorgshallen's funky sign

Trendy Young Swedes hang out in a market square

Iceberg lettuces for sale

Fondling peppers

Lots of naked bronze people

Hanging out

The market, by Paul Bergstroms

Julian has a snack

A plane comes onto the gate

The Finnair Business Lounge at Arlanda Airport

Julian dozes on the flight back to the UK