Daffodils in the garden

Daffodils in the garden

A daffodil drips melting snow water

A heap of pipes

Diss Publishing Book Shop

A view which hasn't been seen for decades

The Potato People on the market

The WI market by the Mere

More Mere market

Market by the Mere

Jo Bowley before a gig at the Cock Inn

A busker and his dog, outside Castle Mall in Norwich

Nosher bumps into Helen and Neil in Norwich

Busking/skiffle group 'Swervy World'

Some interesting building architecture

Outside Lloyds Bank, a painter waits for a sale

Paintings for sale outside lloyds

The empty alleyways of Norwich Market

Lloyds Bank and Norwich Castle

The painter does more, er, sketching

One of the original stalls of Norwich Market

The passages of Norwich Market

Near Joe's Pets' corner

Graffiti in the Market lanes

A hole where the market was, and City Hall

The missing market, looking towards Guildhall

Looking at the demolished market and Lloyds bank

A hole in the ground

The lights of the Royal Arcade

The Royal Arcade

The Boy Phil and a Rittal College chum, in Virgin

Moss on the garage roof

The Christian shouter dude in Diss

The guy with a Christian perambulator wanders off

Keith from Castle Fruit at Andy's sausage van

An old woman sits on a bench by the Tourist office

The Christian shouting dude

The dude captures a listener on Mere Street

Andy the Sausage

The Sock pops out of a cardboard box

Paul cues up at the Thorndon Black Horse

Paul plays a shot

The Boy Phil and Jen in the Beaconsfield Arms

Colin and Phil

Phil talks to some dude

Bill cues up

Bill in black and white

Jen in the Beaky

Jess and Will