The SCC Social Club: classic 60s architecture

The SCC Social Club: classic 60s architecture

A different view of the SCC Social Club bar

Russell checks his phone out in Pizza Hut, Ipswich

The old Mere Street petrol station reappears

A digger by the Mere

The remaining bit of Diss Publishing

Demolition in full swing

A digger picks off corrugated iron with precision

The guy who let Nosher in

Midges dance around

The chicken-shit power station smokes away

Nosher's work - Matrix House in Cambridge

The new Qualcomm sign

The Safeway granite rock - home of Gort

Safeway's front door

Safeway's entrance, before it turns into Morrisons

The old chap roams around the garden

A smoking bonfire

Smoke from the bonfire drifts over the garden

Looking up the garden

The old man pokes the fire with a fork

Next door is having an extension built

Nosher's seedlings: tomatoes, chillis and peppers

The Old Man does a crossword

The Sock on the path in front of the house

Springtime daffodils

Funky cross-shaped clouds

A pillow of winds - some curious clouds