Heaps of stuff

Heaps of stuff

Janice, Phil's mum, pokes about

Two tellies and a top-loading washing machine

Mullard and Ediswan valves

The valve room

Phil rummages around

Another view of the television shed

Two folorn old tins of ICI Dulux paint

Some sort of substantial electrical gear

Richard, Phil's uncle, clears out

The dark corners of a shed

The back of a television

A couple of field-strength voltmeters on a bench

Janice through a window

More valve boxes

A poster for RGD televisions and radios

The door of an adjacent shed

A cobwebbed lightswitch and lock

Shelves full of rotting paper

A rotting door with peeling paint

A box of old bottles

A box of lightbulbs like a clutch of eggs

Mick and Richard in a Nissen hut

Uncle Mick burns up some stuff

Surveying the scene

Some hanging baskets

Daffodils bloom amongst the detritus of a life

A fantastic old fan

Mick and Richard take time-out for a spot of lunch