A bit of Barceolna by night

A bit of Barceolna by night

A seedy back street

A quiet street by night

Looking down the Paseo Colón

The Boy Phil and Ninja M hang out

The Plaça Reia

Ninja M's on the ice cream

A street scene con las chicas

A policeman on horseback

The bike tour guy - Ivan - does an introduction

We assemble outside the Fat Tyre shop

A crumbling building for sale

A guitarist near the Museu de Picasso

A 'modernisme' Art Deco building

Another Barcelona back street

The Arc de Triomf

Regrouping near the Arc de Triomf

A tour-group photo

A 'yard sale' occurs on the Carrer de la Marina

Barcelona apartments

The perpetually-unfinished Sagrada Família

Gaudí's incomplement monument

The Boy Phil roams around

More construction

A pigeon in mid-air at the Parc de la Ciutadela

The tour group again

Ninja M heads off

Frank Gehry's fish on the seafront

Cycling along the promenade

A stack of tour bikes

On the beach

Ivan eats Quavers

Chris from the US

A map is consulted

Beach games

The Boy Phil tries the sea out

Barcelona's beach

A funky statue

Back at the bike shop

The bikes are returned and stacked up

Some old local dudes walk about

A purpley fish

A cuttlefish

Some kind of Angel fish

Octopus suckers

A sea horse

Another type of leafy sea horse

A wide avenue somewhere

A bloke on a bike down by the harbour

The bridge to the aquarium

Phil, Jon and Chris

The boys are in a queue for a restaurant

There's a major queueing situation

Ninja M in a restaurant

The Boy Phil eats something

Phil's at the bar in Glaciar

Inside Bar Glaciar

Some high-end tapas

Names get done as Chinese characters

Some exciteables drive past in a convertible

The Chinese writer dude

A stag group passes by

The teeming hordes on La Rambla

An late-night flower shop

The Glaciar

A human pyramid in Plaça Reia

More acrobatics

The human pyramid is complete

A fire-eater flings flames around

The columned walkways surrounding Plaça Reia

Ninja M looks forlornly into a restaurant window