Nosher in the home office

Nosher in the home office

John Scott in the back of a stretch limo

The view from the hotel window

Rusty and John roam around

It's our first drive around the local area

The Star of India restaurant

Russell gets some orange juice for breakfast

We find the entrance to head office

Qualcomm's Building R

Building Q, across the parking lot

The Qualcomm sign

The lobby of Building R

A banner dangles in an atrium

A street in La Jolla

John, Brian Dunphy and Sang

The gang in George's at the Cove, La Jolla

The red wine on the table was about $200 a bottle

We prepare for our first presentation

A massive screen awaits

Rusty and a local contact in a Del Mar restaurant

More food and networking

Russell points at his food

There's a fancy Rolls-Royce outside the hotel

A funky flower

The Marriott Del Mar's swimming pool

A line of pool chairs

A bunch of Harley boys out for a ride down the I-5

Russell points to something extreme on the menu

The Broken Yoke on Garnet claims 'we've got huevos'

John orders something

John has a 4-egg omlette. 12-egg was an option

Russell and his pile of food

US newspaper boxes

Garnet Avenue

A teeshirt seller

A San Diego fire department truck

John roams arouns

A kite flyer in Marina Park

We check the map out

The quaint, but perhaps obviously-named Pier café

A fishing boat and water taxi

Russell scopes out some paintings

A San Diego war memorial

Some cyclists raise money for leukaemia research

The USS Midway, with the Nimitz in the background

Fiddling with knobs in the weapons control room

A view of San Diego and the Manchester Grand Hyatt

Russell has a break

A C-1 'Trader' aircraft, number 700

Old Glory and downtown San Diego

Russell tests out a small missile

An F-4S Phantom II

The carrier's 'island' command-and-control centre

A group of Marines tell Midway service stories

A former crewman of the Midway

Another crew member shows us some stuff

The sailing ship Star of India

A giant ship's screw

A 1930 San Diego administrative building

Paying for parking, as a plane comes in to land

The Pickwick Hotel, in the Gaslamp district

An unexpected ice rink

Kids are ice skating in California

Down in the Gaslamp district

We find a sports bar with its own brewery

Sports bar life

A nice motorbike

A clock on the wall

The old Balboa cinema

Some sort of sculpture down by the Convention Center

Tall buildings

Russell gets a Mariachi band to stop for a photo

A Maori hakka at the San Diego multicultural event

Dog in a bag

A flame thrower

Some sort of Hawai'ian dancing

A green-ringed building

Streetlife near the Marriott

An old car trundles down Pacific Coast Highway 101

Rusty and John look over the cliff

A view of the sea near Torrey Pines

A lone walker on the beach

John and Russell

A prickly pear looks like a certain litigious mouse

John's on the phone

We cross a branch line railway track

A surfer on the beach

The sea laps at the shore

Russell waves his arms around