Sausages at the Swan - 7th January 2005

Every other year-or-so, Al and Sylvie from the pub go away for a short holiday. This, for some reason, has been an open invitation for some of the regulars to get a bit leary and do stuff like heating up pokers in the fire (which generally has a few extra twigs on compared to usual :-) and sticking them into pints of beer, and quite often involves frying up a mess of sausages. And so it was. But first, there are a few left-over photos from 2004 featuring some of the badminton "massive", and Revolution Records in Diss (one of Nosher's favourite Saturday hangouts) gets a bit of a re-decoration...

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Ken and Steve-O (who's eating something)



Theresa and Kenny do the fruit-machine thing

Wes in Revolution Records applies a coat of paint

CDs and paint pots

Hazel flings around a step-ladder

Mark removes some stuff from the walls

In the pub - an accidental, but interesting, blurry shot of Phil and Wavy


Jen and Suey read the papers

Bill pokes a sausage

Wavy loads up the griddle with some Black Pudding

The two builders: Bernie the Bolt and Mick the Brick

Smouldering embers (the coal lends a certain 'smoky' flavour)

Bill cuts up the grub

Bill and Wavy have a snog moment

Phil tries on Sue's specs

Wavy tries on Nosher's bins

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Ken and Steve-O (who's eating something)