Steve-O and Theresa eat tea in the Swan

Steve-O and Theresa eat tea in the Swan

Linda and Kenny in the Swan

Theresa in the Swan

Steve-O with a pint of orange juice

Steve-O in the pub

Theresa and Kenny do the fruit machine

Wes applies a coat of paint in Revs

CDs and paint pots

Hazel flings around a step-ladder

A tower of classical CDs

Inside Revolution Racords

An accidental blurry shot of Phil and Wavy

Wavy reaches for his pint

Suey hides

Sausages on a griddle

The Boy Phil pokes the fire

Bill has a go

Wavy attends to black pudding

Bernie the Bolt

Bernie the Bolt and Mick the Brick

Black pudding and sausages

Suey's got a hot one

Bill chops sausages up

Bill cuts up the grub

Phil tries on Sue's specs

Wavy tries on Nosher's bins

An aeroplane cuts across the night sky

Comet Machholz (c2004/Q2) is a fuzzy green blob

The moon over the walnut tree

The back field under moonlight

By the light of the silvery moon

The moon