Concrete, Machines and a Stuston Miscellany - 3rd September 1992

Nosher's landlords Geoff and Brenda had been toiling for years making concrete garden ornaments for supply to several local (and a few not-so-local) garden centres and suchlike. Despite this particularly hard way of life taking up most of their waking hours for around 30 years, they took not one single photograph of it, so the only ones in existence are the few featured here. The business has now been sold following their retirement, and the sheds and ornaments have now all gone. Proof that taking a few photos at random can end up being a significant and sometimes solitary record of a whole way of life. There are also some photos from the greater environs of Diss and Billinford, and a trip to Geoff's friend's machine sheds.

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Aphrodites in the shed

A concrete version of the Teracotta Army

Some lions in the undergrowth

Brenda pauses; leaning on a sack barrow

Brenda wheels some ornaments out of the shed

A shed full of machine randomness

A small stationery engine is prepped with a gas bottle

Geoff and his chum talk about machines

A proud machine collector

'Mad' Sue mows her lawn

Sue and a lawnmower

A Nosher-painted slate for The Stables - the Stuston pad

Nosher's beloved Mark 1 Astra

Brenda in the Wilbye netball team (bottom right)

Brenda's school photo, 1950s

The Stuston lightning tree, on the S bends

The lightning tree, Stuston

Billingford windmill and a fluffy cloud

Billingford windmill and the heath

The watermeadows, Billingford bridge

Norfolk House Yard, Diss

St. Mary's Church, Diss

The Diss Publishing Bookshop

Winnie the tractor in the garage

Geoff looks up

A bit later in the year, it's bonfire night

A raging bonfire

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Aphrodites in the shed