Anna in The Amberwood

Anna in The Amberwood

Nosher in the Amberwood in Walkford

Liz and Anna

Anna opens a present, in a sea of grey suits

Bernice and Phil, with Anna and Liz's mother

Liz and fellow Brock college dude

Phil and Anna

Phil and Anna in the garage

Anna uncorks a bottle of wine

Phil breaks out the tiddlywinks

More carpet tiddlywinks action

Alice has balloons stuck to her head

Alice runs about

Phil feeds Anna some cake

Anna'a mother and Bernice

Anna's mother


Sally, the crazy spaniel

Something odd occurs in the kitchen

Alice roams around with a star

Liz's parents near the fireplace

Auld Lang Syne

More Auld Lang Syne

Phil's dad sings

Anna's dad gets the homebrew out

Alice drinks a bit of homebrew

Communal homebrew

'Father Time' makes an appearance

Alice gets a kiss from grandmother

Someone chats to Alice

Liz and Anna giggle conspiratorially

Group photo

Nosher gets in on the group photo

Mother in Ford Cottage

Judith at Ford Cottage

Brian has a drink

Random photo of Sis