Fred and Harry in the garden at Noddy's

Fred and Harry in the garden at Noddy's

We explore the sheds

The boys look for the cat that was spotted

A great collection of randomness

The boys meet the donkeys

Donkey Oatey

Fred gives Zeus a scratch

Noddy gives a donkey a hug

Fred has a go with the donkey hugging

A view over the Wicklow mountains

A donkey follows us back to the house

The donkeys are back in the yard

Noddy prepares lunch as Louise roams around

A donkey sticks its head in the door

The donkey comes into the kitchen

Isobel plays a bit of fiddle

The cat sits in the shed, aloof from it all

A derelict cottage or shed

A dog and donkeys

Da Wheeze has got a fag on

The moss bog

Harry's found a deer skull on a stick

The donkey is back at the door

Another donkey visit

The dog pants after chasing a ball for hours

Harry stands on a small hill

A glass of wine in the field

We head of from Da Gorls to catch a bus

The upstairs of the bus is deserted

The view along Frascati Road in Blackrock

Pearse Street station from the top of the bus

Painted building near Pearse Street

The gang look up at the massive steel point

The 120-metre-high Monument of Light, or spike

The back of Funland, on Henry Place

The Moore Street market

A shop with foliage growing out of it

Arnotts on Henry Street

A derelict Debenhams

Plastic overs the old Debenhams logo

The boys look to buy more stuff

Fred's found something to buy

Smiley Meatball Pip, apparently

Fred looks at pens

Banba Toymaster on Mary Street

Fred waves to the Staypuft Marshmallow man

Collected gravestones on Jarvis Street

Fred on Jarvis Street

Looking up Strand Street Great

At the end of Swift's Row

Walking along Bachelors Walk

The Ha'penny Bridge over the Liffey

Harry hangs over the Millenium Bridge

Walk on the cobbles of Temple Bar

Some dude washes windows with a very long sponge

We get pizza in Huey Morgan's place

Fred stands on a stool at DiFontaine's pizza

A pile of pizzas

DiFontaine's - a New York Joint

A cyclist with a trailer of bikes goes by

Gardai action on Capel Street

The Porterhouse on Parliament Street

Graffiti and wall art in Temple Bar

Derelict buildings

Dame House, on Dame Street

The legendary Foggy Dew, as in Fontaines DC

Painted shops on Fownes Street Upper

Big silver tags

Dublin Castle

Part of a memorial name wall

The boys look at coins in a water feature

Brightly-painted buildings near Dublin Castle

Nothing to see here in a derelict yard

Zine graffiti

Some sort of rubbish tip

Graffiti on the Lord Edward

A painted choir on a traffic light control box

Religious artwork in the cathedral

Old tiles on the floor

Modern stained glass Jesus

The nave of St Patrick's Cathedral

Down in the crypt

The mumified cat and mouse from the organ pipes

The boys poke a statue on a bench

We hang around for a bit

St. Patrick's in Dublin

The arch of Christ Church Cathedral

An old-school street lantern

Fred plays xylophone in St. Audeon's Park

By the mediaeval wall at St. Audeon's

A traditional figure

A memorial to children killed in the Easter Rising

Caffé Noto on Francis Street

Painted signal box on Thomas Street

A toilet-roll pop-up market on Thomas Street

There derelict-looking Carpet Mills

A whole tree is growing out of a shop on Meath Street