HArry at the airfield gate

HArry at the airfield gate

Isobel and Harry head off onto the airfield

Fred waves a magnet on a string around

Harry goes the hard way around

Harry hangs on the gate

Isobel contemplates the wind turbines

On one of the former taxiways

The boys climb a crushed-concrete hill

Harry runs past the random junk shed

There's a derelict boat

An abandoned container rusts away

Discarded agricultural machinery on the airfield

One of the old perimeter roads

Fred picks something up

A puddle demonstrates perfectly how waves form

Harry finds some old rope to wave around

Harry with a bit of old rope

Inside the old Fuze store

Fred's picked up some rusty iron

There's a discarded sewing machine on the floor

Another view of the fuze store's insides

Fred finds some more old metal

Harry walks back from the fuze store

Harry and Fred

Someone called Willow has been carving trees

Fred's up a tree

There's a bit of railway track stuck in the ground

Harry in a tree

Fred and Harry on the boardwalk

Thousands of Scarlet Elf Cups have appeared

The Elf Cup mushrooms are everywhere along the path

There's a discarded car tyre in the stream

Fred stands on top of a new dirt ramp

Harry twists his ankle so has to be carried

Old shops and the fire station on Magdalen Street

Broad Street in Eye

Further up Broad Street

The carbuncle that is the Town Hall

Harry and Fred return from a trip to the Blue shop

Isobel roams around Broad Street

The big house on the end of Cross Street

The reconditioned 1930s bus stop

The big house on Lambseth Street

The gang walks up Lambseth Street

Googly eyes stuck onto a recycling container

The path up to Highfield

There's a bleached bird skeleton in a fallen nest

We walk on e the field behind Victoria Hill

Farm buildings

Back on the airfield

A pile of discarded metal

More airfield junk

Harry's back on the crushed-concrete hill

A view from the top of the hill

Isobel wanders off across the airfield

The mystery piles of tree stumps

The gang wanders off past the tree stump pile

Back at the car on Progress Way