The Quest for Rapsy Tapsy Lane, Eye, Suffolk - 6th May 2020

We head off on a walk to look for Rapsy Tapsy Lane, the legendary path as described by Mick the Brick. Although we know where it is, we get distracted by the Cemetery, and end up walking the fields over to the airfield, before walking back up to Hartismere

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There's a streak from one of Musk's Starlink satellites

Venus hangs low in the sky

Some spring blossom

More blossom

Isobel and Harry wander off towards Brome

Fred takes a close-up photo

We walk up Brome Street

The old Vickary house

An abandoned car in the woods

Dandelion heads

One of the Lost Cat posters for Millie

A nice purple flower

Grouped gravestones

Isobel and Harry on the road

Fred photographs straw bales

A nice mix of pink blossom and grass

Hanging around outside Brome church

Harry blows away some dandelion seeds

A huge new barn conversion up near Church Farm

The gang head up to Nick's Lane

Wrecked rusty machinery

Some brick outhouses disappear into the trees

Isobel and Harry out on the fields

Boris the stripey cat sits under a Boris cushion

The Fabric Shop in Eye has a massive rainbow banner up

We wait outside the Blue Shop for our turn

The Eye allotments

Another dandelion seed-head

Graffiti behind the chicken factory

More graffiti, and a dog

Fred and Isobel walk behind the graffiti'd chicken factory

Eye graffiti

Isobel and Fred on what looks like an old track bed

Harry and Fred up a tree

We cross a field somewhere

Harry finds an old shopping trolley

The old Cemetary House

Isobel goes to inspect an old egg box

Walking on the Yaxley Road

One of the two chapels at the Cemetary

An old water pump

Harry and Fred have got sticks

We head off the beaten track

Some sort of derelict building

Isobel heads off

The boys

Some more derelict farm machinery

Isobel reads one of the airfield information boards

The old WWII fuse shed, and the wind turbines

Harry and Fred

A 30mph sign has rusted out and fallen over

Hartismere Hospital

We head down an overgrown path back to the fire station

A boundary post, but for who knows what

The boys are up their climbey-tree again

Isobel waits

Fred and Harry on Lambseth Street

More rainbows

Eye is deserted

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There's a streak from one of Musk's Starlink satellites