An April Lockdown Miscellany, Eye, Suffolk - 10th April 2020

It's a bit of a lockdown miscellany, as the allowed daily exercise - in the form of a bike ride - reveals an empty Eye. Then, the boys have a camp out in the house, and we have a guest-free barbeque in the garden. Also, Millie, the Invisible Cat, has gone missing, so the boys make posters and stick them up on telegraph poles in the area. Before all of that, the drains are being pumped out, although some excess pressure blows all the water out of the garage toilet bowl. Nice.

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The drains are pumped out

On the last day of school before lockdown, Eye Co-op's shelves are empty

Fred gets a nice close-up of a ladybird

Another Fred photo of a flower

Harry has a small on-line birthday 'party'

Boris does what he's best at: sleeping

Harry makes his model

Hand-washing lyrics are stuck up in the bathroom

Boris, the stripey cat, looks up

Harry's doing an in-house camp with Beavers

Millie, the invisible cat, and Boris

Harry moves his tent into the lounge, and sticks the stars on

Fred reads his book with a torch

A wall of rain

A wind turbine faces the clouds

A crow fights off a buzzard

Fred reads a book

Harry hauls a blanket into the tent

Isobel's got a fire on

Home made burgers

The boys do bubbles in the garden

Fred and Isobel

Fred looks out with binoculars

Fred does marshmallows

Harry sticks his marshmallow in the embers

The moon rises over the walnut tree

Isobel roams around with a hot chocolate

Harry sets fire to a cardboard box

Burning cardboard

Harry blows some air on the fire

The gang around the fire

The moon does its thing

The boys do some arts and crafts in the garden

All the Pokémon cards are laid out on Fred's bedroom floor

The boys carry off a pallet

Harry pokes around in the walnut tree

A rainbow in a house brightens up a deserted corner of Eye

A deserted Broad Street

Cocoa Mama is tragically shut up

A lone cyclist pedals up Church Street

Even the church is locked

More rainbows, on Lambseth Street

Lost cat poster for Millie the Mooch

The blossom is out on the drive up to Brome Hall

Fred waits

Lockdown doesn't stop farm irrigation happening

Brome Avenue

Harry takes his hoodie off

Fred on a bike

The boys look around for a bit

The boys on the avenue

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The drains are pumped out