The Extinction Rebellion Protest, Westminster, London - 9th October 2019

This week's two days cycle-commuting through London to the Paddington office has the slight twist that part of the route - through Trafalgar Square - is completely closed on account of the Extinction Rebellion (XR) sit-in protest. As it happens, cyclists are definitely not the enemy, and so it's an interesting diversion to get off and walk through tent city and catch a bit of the protest vibe. On the way back, the top end of the Mall, at Admiralty, is also closed, so it's a chance to divert past the Houses of Parliament and see what's going on in Parliament Square. Before that, there's a night out at Station 119 brewery tap room on Eye airfield.

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On the way in, the Anubis-head graffiti dog that's been there for a while is being painted over

Slightly indecipherable graffiti tag

The crossing buttons at Hyde Park Corner have seen better days

The tap room at Station 119

Suey and Marc look at their devices

Marc chats away

Class 37 37424 smokes its way through Diss station on its way to Norwich

Northumberland Avenue is closed off with a 'This is an emergency' banner

People roam around under a 'Tell the truth' banner

Tent city

The top of Whitehall is all tents

A businessman studiously tries to ignore everything as he walks past an oil=boil banner

Someone's hung their washing out to dry

Looking up towards the Strand

Some dude, with an Extinction Rebellion sticker on his shoe - sits on top of a van

People have come from far and wide, and Stoke, to demonstrate

The bas-relief on the bottom of Nelson's Column gets some flags and flyers added

There's a good vibe around the site, with music and stuff

You're burning our future

A Trafalgar lion has a cool mirrored XR medallion around its neck

An optimistic XR placard

Some chalk-based protest statements

Birdcage Walk, near Parliament Square is also closed off

A lone drummer prowls the closed roads

There's a mass of police at the edge of Parliament Square, leading to Westminster Bridge

A worried-looking woman is talked to by the rozzers

The scene in Parliament Square

Westminster Bridge is certainly quieter than usual

On the second day, there's more of a sit-in going on

Whitehall is very quiet

The sit-in protestors get a pep talk

There are even more tents today

There's also a new pink octopus floating around

A better world is possible, as an artist paints the scene

There are even a couple of pianos in Trafalgar Square

There's a much heavier police presence on the junction of Horseguard's and Birdcage Walk

There's a definite camping vibe going on in St. James's Park

Some dude has a 'Make Britain green again' sign

Protestors carry some oversized bees on a stick in reference to the worldwide collapse of bee colonies

A big sit-in occurs on Horseguard's Parade

Back in Brome, there's some anti-farmer concrete graffiti, including the oh-so-coherent 'West is a bollx farmet'

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On the way in, the Anubis-head graffiti dog that's been there for a while is being painted over