The Bressingham Band Night, Bressingham Steam Museum, Norfolk - 5th October 2019

Nosher spots that a band we'd seen and really liked at the Nelson Head beer festival in Horsey a few weeks before - Little Red Kings - were playing at the Bressingham Band Night, a previously-unknown-to-us event which is now in its eight year. We cycle over to the venue, which is only about four miles away, but there don't seem to be too many people around. However, over the next hour the place really fills up and it feels like quite a happening, if somewhat secret, event. It's a curious venue, set in a mock Dads Army street (literally) in the Steam Museum, but it all seems to work, and ends up being a great night with some really good bands. There's even a good choice of four real ales on, which is a bonus, as well as free rides on the Victorian gallopers.

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Dr Mothrod kick the night off

Guitar and keyboards action

The beer glass says it all

The Desert Sleds are up next

The Desert Sleds on stage

It really is a mocked-up Walmington on Sea

There's quite a crowd of people hanging around outside too

There are free rides on the gallopers, which prove quite popular

Close up, the horses look a bit horror-film

Jason Wick of Little Red Kings - our new favourite band

Jason on guitar

The Bass player, Ben Beach

The hirsute Dougie Archer

Little Red Kings

More bass action, and a bit of Harry Wickham on drums

There's a Francis Rossi/Rick Parfitt moment from the band

Rock and roll hair

The finale act - the Mighty Flux - do their thing

Dry ice moment

Isobel in the crowd

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Dr Mothrod kick the night off