A Walk up a Hill, and Paella on the Beach, Nerja, Spain - 19th April 2018

We have a quieter day, which starts out with a bit of a hike up into the hills behind the "Cappuchinos" apartments, and the reward of a good view out over Nerja and the Mediterranean Sea. Then, after a couple of hours by the pool, we get the bus down into the town again and visit the heaving Chiringuito de Ayo paella place on Burriana beach front

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The gang heads off down El Cappuchino

Fred runs about in the hills

Fred's got a big stick

Unfortunately, Fred's stick contains an ants' nest, as a million ants swarm out

Ever upwards, past a random moped

Spanish snail

Fred and Harry in the rocks

We pause for a few minutes

The view over Nerja

Isobel and the boys have a drink

The Capistrano village, and the sea

Fred looks out

Isobel looks around

The local swimming pool and the 'Superamericado' supermarket, hidden behind palm trees

Up in the hills

We head down again

We hang out by the swimming pool for a bit, but the clouds look a bit grim

The palm trees by the supermarket

It's time for paella down on the beach

A truly massive paellera

It's quite an operation at Chiringuito de Ayo

The dude tends to his paella

It's a bit chaotic

Outside, one of the omnipresent rug dudes sets up his pitch

The charcoal supply for the paellera

Isobel unfurls our beach blanket

The boys are quite happy to score ice cream again

Ice cream on the promenade

Mini, the cat with the coat-hanger tail, turns up at the apartment again

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The gang heads off down El Cappuchino