Dower House Camping, West Harling, Norfolk - 27th May 2018

The camping trip, which had been planned for a while, is nearly thrown into disarray as Rachel has chopped her thumb off and so can't go. However this means that instead of our pitch being down with the Hoi Poloi in the no-electric free-for-all, we get a nice spot with hook-up instead, which it has to be said is a bit of a bonus. It's also the first time that the van has been out for absolutely ages, which is nice.

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Fred's only been on site for about ten minutes before he's been to the shop to buy something

Fred and Harry find a brilliant climbey-tree right by our pitch

Fred finds an amusing green caterpillar crawling about

Isobel potters around the pitch

Harry and Isobel

Fred roams about in the evening sunshine

The entertainer - Roger Sea - has people dancing

There's a 'hands in the air' moment

Fred and Harry get stuck into a game of fussball

There's a good turnout at the campsite clubhouse

Harry has a spot of hog roast

Fred drives his new purchase - a nice little model of a VW Type 2 'bay' camper van

Roger Sea does his thing

Fred finds a snail

Harry and the boys' new friend Isobel run through the forest

Fred and Isobel

Rachel makes it down for a few hours, and manages to get a v-sign in too

Harry gets a bit more confident riding around on his bike

Grace lolls around in a big inflatable flamingo

The joys of campsite washing up

Over the fence is a caravan graveyard or storage area

Isobel leans on Harry

Fred swigs from a bottle of diet Coke

Isobel zips up the awning in the dusk

The gang are in the boys' 'secret base'

Fred's up a tree

There is something of an infestation of flying beetles

One of the flying beetles, with amusing trident antennae

Harry makes a contruction with two squished Skittle sweets

Fred, Isobel and Harry in the campsite swimming pool

The boys huddle under towels to dry off

Harry gets a cuddle

Fred whizzes off through the forest

Isobel and Harry on bikes

We visit the abandoned West Harling church again

Harry walks on a wall, as we explore the graveyard

We wait in Middle Harling for Harry and Isobel

Nosher and Fred wait outside the East Harling sports field

We park up in East Harling

Harry gets an ice cream from the village shop

The pub where The BBs played a couple of banging New Year's Eves - the George and Dragon - is up for sale

Fred's got an ice cream

East Harling sports pitches

Back at the campsite, the pizza dudes - who didn't turn up on Monday night - are there on Tuesday

Our pizzas get the chop as Fred looks on

More table-football action

Isobel, Harry and Fred leap around in the clubhouse

Time for R&R in the van

Fred plays a spot of tenor ukulele

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Fred's only been on site for about ten minutes before he's been to the shop to buy something