The Not-Opening of the Palgrave Playground, Palgrave, Suffolk - 3rd June 2018

After many years' effort, the Palgrave Playground on the edge of the community centre's field has had an upgrade, with new equipment and a zip wire. In order to launch the new gear, there's a bit of a do, except that the grass isn't ready so the zip wire can't be opened just yet. Never mind, we've cycled over and there's a bar serving cold bottles of Adnams - not much else required really...

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Boris - stripey cat - in the garden

Fred dresses up as a Ninja

Alan has started taking the old Swan pub lettering down, but leaves the N hanging to read 'The Swaz'

Isobel scopes out the menu at the Oaksmere

Fred hurls himself off the pirate ship

Playboy meets Lewis Caroll by way of Flava Flav, down at the Palgrave Community Centre

Wavy tries to ride a bike with reversed steering

The village hall

Isobel looks round

Some stocks-soaking occurs

Fred talks to a girl

Fred volunteers for a session in the stocks (as a way to cool down)

Oak throws a wet sponge

Wavy has a beer

The 'Cheshire Cat' walks past

Some dude gets a kiss

Ed and Fred

Isobel and the boys queue up for ice cream

This dude's got something in his ear

A committee photo

A cheque is presented by the Montgomerie Lodge freemasons

Harry's had some face paint

Harry tries some funky shades on

Harry on a bike

The Mad Hatter

Thomas and Harry hurtle around

The Queen of Hearts

Isobel, the Rabbit and Alice

Harry and Fred

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Boris - stripey cat - in the garden