A Trip to Ickworth House, Horringer, Suffolk - 30th December 2016

It's Christmas holidays, so armed with National Trust membership, we float over to Ickworth House near Horringer for a wander around the grounds in the freezing mist

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Harry and Fred on their bikes (for a bit, anyway)

Ickworth's rotunda in the mist

Misty tree

Isobel, Harry and Fred trundle up the hill to the church

We inspect a frozen pond

A tree silhouette

Harry scoots off on his bike

The feeble sun and a hazy church

Poking around inside St. Mary's Church, Ickworth

Fred looks at a C.17 tombstone

A European Peacock butterfly tries to hibernate

Mediæval-style stained glass

Back at the frozen pond, Fred finds a big stick to hurl in

Isobel and Fred

Ickworth's rotunda

Harry outside the Orangery

Harry sits down for a spot of lunch in the Orangery

Harry and some apple juice

The boys run around in the mist

A crow eats a bit of discarded apple

Fred hangs from a tree

Harry looks at some skulls

Eroded tree stump in the Stumpery

Long exposure and zoom of a bush

Another long exposure combined with zoom pulling, this time of a tree stump

An amazing tree root, exposed in the Stumpery

Harry pokes around in a hedge

Isobel and the rotunda

Lots of stickers stuck to a post

Fred flakes out in the car park at Bury St. Edmunds

Cobbles and a carousel

Isobel, Harry and Fred on the carousel, with Fred on a horse called Fred

Fred points

Carousel blur

Harry gets his feet measured

Harry puts his old shoes back on

Trigenic: An amusing shoe tag, given that a former start-up that Nosher worked for was called Trigenix

Isobel and Fred in Wagamama, Bury St. Edmunds

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Harry and Fred on their bikes (for a bit, anyway)