A Trip to Waxham Sands, Horsey, Norfolk - 27th August 2016

The Van gets another trip over to the East-by-North-East Norfolk coast at Waxham Sands, in the dunes just outside Horsey. The site is absolutely packed, but at least the weather is significantly better than the wet weekend from the year before. We also get on the bikes to discover the Nelson Head pub in nearby Horsey - a well-worn but great traditional boozer with good food and tons of beers.

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Fred plays pitch-and-putt

A busy pitch-and-putt course

Harry gets a go

Fred and Harry do Lego

Harry spins down the curly slide

Fred encourages Harry over the rope bridge

Dangling upside-down

The boys run around the tyre ring

Looking at sweets in the campsite shop

Fred does more dangling

An old-school actual pay phone with classic 1970s font on the door, complete with 'beware of the geese' sign

Harry scores some chocolate

The boys do the classic 'buried in sand' thing

Waxham Sands campsite is absolutely heaving

Harry is rubbish at playing hide-and-seek

Isobel pours a fizzy water

Nosher's black beer

A mostly-derelict K6 phone box outside the Nelson Head in Horsey

The directions to the hand drier in the Nelson Head gents' bogs was mildly amusing

Harry and Fred eat lunch

The Nelson Head bar

Fred cools off

Isobel and the boys

We cycle back to the campsite past the exit to Horsey Gap - home of the seals

Fred has a great time pedalling his bike

Fred makes more Lego

Boats on the river at Horsey windpump

A big dragonfly lands on the bench

Harry looks grumbly at the National Trust café - wildlife spotted included goldfish and flies

The boys sign up for a Broads boat trip

More river scenes

We couldn't tell if this boat had moored or had crashed

Harry's up a tree

Windpump on the broads

Fred stands up a tree and points

Running downwind

Harry walks down a path

A shaggy-thatched boathouse

A gang of swans roams around

A quintessential broads boating scene

There's excitement to see a second nesting session from a Grebe

Isobel and Fred look out

Fred's got a hat on

Harry and Isobel go to sea, sort of

The view from the Nelson Head beer garden

In the Nelson beer garden

After vacating our pitch, we park up the van in the car park for a few hours and head to the beach

Harry messes around on the path to Horsey gap

Sea wall

the boys on the beach

The buoy-laying vessel Galatea drifts by

Fred kicks sand about

Isobel looks out to sea

Back home, we have dinner in the new dining room for the first time

The boys eat camper-van pasta

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Fred plays pitch-and-putt