Swordfights at Norwich Castle, Norwich, Norfolk - 31st August 2016

Nosher and The Boys head up to Norwich and visit the Castle Museum, where there's a dramatic demonstration of sword-and-staff fighting techniques courtesy of some dude who works as a fight arranger in the film industry. We then head over to Chapelfield Park and stop off to buy a few classical CDs from Prelude Music. Later, at Wavy's, we see Boris the stripey cat's neice, and then it's the first day of school

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The view from the top of the castle motte

Harry looks at a model of the castle

Fred looks down the well

Gabes has a peer down the well too

The Victorian roof

Fred explains nine-men's-morris to Harry

The boys sit on thrones

A staff-fighting demonstration

The fight coreographers move on to actual swords

The guys demonstrate shield techniques

Fred looks far too excited to get hold of a sword

Fred and a sword

Fred on a tube slide. The legend that is Pedro's TexMex restaurant is in the background

A giant chess set in Chapelfield Park

The boys eat ice cream

Harry and Fred in Prelude classical-music shop in St. Giles

On the roof of St. Giles car park

Over at Wavy's, Boris the cat's neice lurks

Fred and Oak run around

the boys play with Lego over at Grandad's

Paulio outside the Yaxley Cherry Tree

Harry on his first day of school

Over the road from the office in Southwark, builders seem a bit lax on safety as they lob all sorts in to a skip below

The BSCC bike gang outside the Hoxne Swan

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The view from the top of the castle motte