Sion Hill and Blackrock for the Day, Dublin, Ireland - 17th September 2016

It's a late flight out on a Friday and an early flight back on Sunday morning for Isobel's 20-year reunion at Sion Hill Dominican convent school in Blackrock, County Dublin. As part of the event, a tour of the school has been arranged, and following that we head off to meet up at Duffy's circus, which is parked up at nearby Dun Laoghaire. We round off the evening with a nosh-up at Mao's, whilst Isobel heads out on the lash with thirty or so of her former school chums.

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Harry messes around at Stansted Airport

The gang trundles off to the departure gate at around 10pm

Hanging out in Da Gorls' lounge

Isobel and Evelyn - who are off for a run - pose with Harry and Fred

A famberly photo

Harry waves as Evenlyn and Isobel run past in the Blackrock Park

Fred hangs out

Isobel roams around

Heading over the DART railway to the sea

Evelyn is really looking forward to a swim in Dublin Bay

Fred and Harry look on

Evelyn and Isobel in Dublin Bay

Fred's on a wall

Isobel and Evelyn do a post-swim selfie

Fred waves to a passing DART train

Spray paint graffiti on rock

Walking up Seafort Parade

This bike is missing an important component

Harry rides a solitary wooden horse in the lounge of Number 19

Isobel and Harry in Café Java in Blackrock

Harry is in tow as Isobel roams around her old school

Parts of the school have not yet been renovated

The austere façade of Sion Hill

Isobel meets up with school friends

More people arrive

Harry plays piano in the music room

The tour of the school starts

What is now a library used to be a forbidden part of the Convent

Milling around in the library

Old copies of Veritas - the school magazine

Old yearbooks are searched for familiar faces

Isobel's class photo

The tour reaches a staircase

This staircase is one of the few familiar unchanged bits of school

A big recital/performance room

A group photo

Another group photo - Harry looks suspicious

Over in St. Dominic's

The tour finished, and the group returns to the main school

Wandering down corridors

It's time for cake

View from the kitchen

A cooker from out of the 1960s is still going

School locker

A wall of lockers

Another corridor, and more lockers

Fred and Evelyn head to the ticket office at Tom Duffy's circus in Dun Laoghaire

Fred stuffs his face with candyfloss

The circus kicks off with a human cannon

Spotty horses

High-level acrobatics

Coming down from the ceiling

Big blue macaws

Someone is hurled through the air

A Palomino does a curtsey

A brightly-lit transformer trundles about

A big stack of people

Some high-energy roller-skating

There's even a bit of clown slapstick

Dancing on the wheel of death

The gang wander into Dun Laoghaire for dinner

It's all go in Mao's Asian restaurant

Fred at Gate 55, Dublin Airport

Our plane loads up

Isobel and Harry on the apron

Fred's gives a thumbs-up for being in pyjamas all day

A scattering of islands

Out to sea are a load of wind turbines

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Harry messes around at Stansted Airport