A Trip to the New Office, Paddington, London - 18th August 2016

Nosher and the gang from work decide to test out the extended commute to the new offices in Paddington. The trip, which increases the Liverpool Street to office distance from about 1.5 miles to 5.5 miles is however generally quite nice, with parts along the new segregated cycle path on Embankment, up the Mall, past Buckingham Palace and across Hyde Park. However, it's a loooong way back with a headwind and a train to catch.

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Admiralty Arch at the top of the Mall

Waving to the Queen at Buckingham Palace

A nice little ride up Constitution Hill

The Wellington Arch

Coffey, Lachie, Alex and Nacho in the lift at Paddington

The massive glass atrium

Alice tests out a 'Break out' area

The less-exciting view of the Westway

We test out the canteen

Nacho and Olli

Doing some actual work

Back in Diss, Matthew and Alan cycle up towards the Heywood

Gaz gets a stomp on

A nice purple flower

A Bumble Bee does its thing

A nice old Roller drives up the Oaksmere's drive

Fred and Isobel

Harry and Grandad

Fred plays Space Invaders on an actual VIC-20

Harry thinks it's all too loud as Fred plays rock guitar

On Wortham Ling, Suey stops to take a photo

Purple heather on the Ling

Suey pedals off

Up in the office, Gabes and the G-Unit have a nap

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Admiralty Arch at the top of the Mall