Finch's Foundry and Lydford Gorge, Dartmoor, Devon - 12th August 2016

It's the last full day in Devon, so we haul Grandma J out for a trip to Finch Foundry in the quaintly-named village of Sticklepath, on the way to Okehampton. That's followed up by a trip to the White Lady waterfall at Lydford Gorge - the deepest gorge in the South West. Finally, Isobel and The Boys are dropped off at Stansted Airport as they head off to Ireland for a week. It's all go...

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The boys, Mother and Isobel in the lounge

Mother's Marigolds are doing well

Devon hedgerows are in full summer leaf

Fred and Harry roam around

The gang walks to Spreyton

We buy a few more things from the Spreyton Pottery shop

The waterwheel at Finch Foundry

Harry plays with a model of a water-powered hammer

Isobel, Grandma J and the boys on the aqueduct over the leet

Inside Finch Foundry

Harry dresses up as an urchin

The boys dress up

Harry gets a bonnet

Fred looks all Victorian

Fred tries his hand with a scythe. Luckily it's stuck to the wall

the gang

Blacksmith's anvil and forge

The guide does his talk

Fred plays quoits

Harry takes a nap

Fred leans on a gravestone

The summer house of Tom Pearse (of Widdecombe Fair fame)

Not-so-secret passage

A secret passage

Harry gets a cuddle

Walking down the steep slopes to White Lady waterfall in Lydford Gorge

Harry and Fred mess around on the river

Mother sits on a rock

The 30m high waterfall

The river and waterfall are heaving

Fred's got a stick

Fred goes pond dipping

Isobel roams around

A tree stump has had loads of coins stuck in to it

The sun peeps through the trees

Mother and Fred

Harry under a railway bridge


Harry and Fred in the Okehampton Arcade

A cool set of model jazz-band characters

Harry points to a massive geode

An empty shop

Fred clings to a pig-shaped bike rack, where a pig pen used to be located in Mediæval times

The boys discover the joys of a K6 phonebox

Fred on the windowsill of Ma'ida Indian Restaurant, where we pick up a massive take-away feast

Nosher and Isobel get a swift beer in up the Tom Cobley, whilst Grandma J babysits

The boys in the eastbound car park of Membury services on the M4, as we head back to Suffolk

Harry on a motorbike

Fred trundles around a suitcase as he heads off to Ireland for the week

Harry and Isobel

Harry hauls his trunki up the ramp in to Stansted Airport

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The boys, Mother and Isobel in the lounge