A fire drill brings the whole company out

A fire drill brings the whole company out

Waterloo station concourse

Some sort of Jurassic Park promo

The Waterloo station clock

Fran arrives at Waterloo station

Tehmur does some sort of gang sign

Tourists pose with velociraptors

Hanging around and poking devices

A Velociraptor gives the hairy eyeball

More Waterloo Station

A less-than convenient place to leave a power socket

A Southern Trains Class 321 to Guildford

More Tehmur action on the train

Bea looks up

Waterloo wheelie bins

On the station steps at Epsom

Hanging around outside Epsom station

Stony waits for Sumaiya and Michał to get coffee

On a traffic island

A wrecked house surrounded by manicured suburbia

Coffey by the entrance to the underground lair

We get our first taste of life underground

First off, there's a guided tour of the tunnels

In the tunnels

Tunnels run off in all directions

Coffey looks up

There's an introduction to the weapons

More wartime tunnels

Bea is masked up and ready to go

Jess roams around

Ready for the first round

A break after a long session of running around

We escape to the surface for some late lunch

Coffey in the woods

Chicken-shop food arrives

Rusty iron girders

Coffey loads up some more ammo

The base is empty

The last game involves getting shot in the bum

A row of chairs waits

Random graffiti on a wartime wall

The entrance to the bunker

These tracks don't seem to know where they're going

Waiting for a train

Colourful graffiti on a wall near Wimbledon

More graffiti

Building in progress

More extensive building works

A church and the Shard

Derelict rail-side portakabins

Looking up the tracks

Platforms 2 and 3 at Waterloo

Another view of Platform 2

In the underground

Waiting at Waterloo Underground

The most boring train-driving job in the world

Funky tunnel of light

Bank underground station

It's heaving down at Bank underground station

Crammed in along the platform

A massive stack of fruit and vegetables

Nosher's train on Platform 8 at Liverpool Street

Street art on a building just off Brick Lane

More graffiti

Runch in action

The Hank Zipzer building

A WWII pillbox outside Diss station

Inside the Diss Station pillbox

A brick wall in a pillbox

The almost-hidden pill box by the station