SwiftKey Does AirSoft, Epsom, Surrey - 11th June 2015

Most of the "keyboard team" takes a day off to run around an old World War II air-raid shelter complex, hewn out of the chalk on the edge of Epsom town centre, and shoot each other with hard plastic BB pellets - the "soft" in the trade name clearly being some sort of "in joke". The air-raid shelter, only used twice during the war "in anger", is a great location for this sort of thing as it provides an extensive network of tunnels and, being underground, is a chilly 11°C so running around with hats, hoodies, gloves and various layers of protection isn't too sweaty.

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On Tuesday, there's a fire drill - the company now takes up pretty much the whole of the space outside the Island Café in Southwark

There are some dinosaurs doing some sort of film promo at Waterloo Station

Tehmur does some sort of gang sign

Hanging around and poking devices

A Velociraptor gives the hairy eyeball

More Waterloo Station

A less-than convenient place to leave a power socket

More Tehmur action on the train

Bea looks up

Stony lurks outside Epsom Station as we wait for Sumaiya and Michał to get coffee

Surrounded by perfect and manicured suburbia is an almost-derelict house - they're probably not the most popular neighbours

Coffey inspects the entrance to the underground lair

We get our first taste of life underground

First off, there's a guided tour of the tunnels

Tunnels run off in all directions

There's an introduction to the weapons

Bea is masked up and ready to go

Jess roams around

Time for a break after a particularly long session of running around

We escape to the surface for some late lunch

Coffey in the woods

Coffey loads up some more ammo

The last game involves getting shot in the bum, with a balloon as a target

A row of chairs waits

Random graffiti on a wartime wall

These tracks don't seem to know where they're going

Colourful graffiti on a wall near Wimbledon

This must be the most boring train-driving job in the world

Funky tunnel of light

It's heaving down at Bank underground station

Crammed in along the platform

At Liverpool Street, there's a massive pile of fruit and vegetables

Street art on a building just off Brick Lane

Back at Diss, there's an almost-hidden Pill Box by the station

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On Tuesday, there's a fire drill - the company now takes up pretty much the whole of the space outside the Island Café in Southwark