A Wet Weekend in Waxham, Waxham Sands, Norfolk - 13th June 2015

The Van gets out for another run, this time to Waxham Sands - a campsite straight out of the 1980s but with an enviable position just behind the sand dunes right on the beach in the wilds of the north-east Norfolk coast. Even though it's a bit of a washout in terms of the weather, it's still a good weekend as the large flock of children from our group of four families spends most of the time entertaining themselves on their bikes leaving the adults to while away the day before rounding off with a spot of wine in the evening. There's even a long-enough break in the weather to visit the beach and see the seals swimming around.

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Harry watches the poo-pad in the van

Meanwhile outside, the children have made a makeshift bicycle repair shop

1980s toilet block complete with intermittent electricity

Fred and Sophie mess around

A sodium-lit caravan

There's a whole scrum of kids in Chris and Megan's van

Harry peers out in to the rain

It's hard to tell, but it's lashing rain at this point

Rain on the awning window

Harry makes a double sword out of Lego

The cluster of four: two VW campers, a trailer tent and a caravan

Fred and Sophie again, with a 'meh' from Harry

Sarah, Mega, Rachel and Isobel consider the map for a possible trip to Great Yarmouth

Instead, we bail to the beach

A view of our spot from up on the dunes

Climbing the sandy mountain to the sea

Some of the gang start making sand castles

Fred does some sand measuring (as a ruse to get some homework done)

The vast expanse of sand is almost deserted

Small people. Big beach

The rest of the gang join up

On the beach

A flock of seabirds swings by

Harry and Isobel wave at the seals

A curious seal pops its head out of the water

Isobel hauls Harry up the beach

More messing in the sea

Harry's wrapped up like a papoose

Soph the Rofe shows off her sandcastle

A typical pile of randomly-scattered child bicycles

A dog-poo bin

A stack of ancient caravans

Fred brings the washing-up back past another pile of old caravans

It's time for bubbles

The children spend a while chasing bubbles

Fred's got a new pet

We stop off at Horsey Wind Pump on the way back

Isobel and Harry on the broads

Isobel and Fred try out the wind pump's gears

A view of Horsey broads from the top of the wind pump

Another view from the top of t'mill

The massive sail gears up in the roof

Isobel, Fred and Harry

Cows on the marshes

Isobel looks around

Some sort of filming for Channel Four occurs

A large boat tries to turn around in a narrow waterway

Fred hangs around

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Harry watches the poo-pad in the van