The path alongside Queen's Road

The path alongside Queen's Road

Cows and King's Chapel

Kings' College chapel, from the Backs

Crowds and punts by Mill Lane

James seals his wallet away in a waterproof pouch

Scudamore's punts

Qualcomm loads up in the punts

James pushes off

Anwar kicks back as Ben does the work

Nick gets a head-start

Ben gets ready to jump over a bridge

Ben leaps out of the punt to do the bridge-hop

Isobel trails her hand through the Cam

Ben misses this bridge out

The rest of the pack close in

Ben hops another bridge

Anwar ducks

Boys on the bridge bomb Peter Knowles's punt

James and Tim in a slow-motion race

Peter Knowles paddles

There's a minor collision between punts

Ben surveys the scene in the water weeds

A strange feral boy waits in a tree

An almost Constable-esque scene

Tim and Ben

More Peter paddling

It all gets a bit competitive

There's a look of concentration on Nick's face

Nick tangles up with a punt convoy

Anwar fends off Isobel's punt

Someone takes their cat for a walk

Cows on the meadows at Grantchester

The Qualcomm gang on Grantchester Meadows

Liviu's punts arrives and moors up

Food is served

Isobel scopes out the burgers

Bill with a bunch of burgers ready to barbeque

Marcello and John Scott land their punt

James, Lucy and Isobel

Nick Brook looks over

John chats to someone

Qualcomm Cambridge in a field

Bill's burgers are on fire

Tim with Peggy Johnson

A champagne cork is popped

Rusty chats to Peggy Johnson, head of QIS

Tim Simpson with a glass of red wine

More mingling

A couple of cute cows in a nearby field

Returning to Cambridge in the gathering darkness

Peggy Johnson's punt

James W looks a bit moist

Isobel does some poling

F-dude reflected in the Cam

Geese wait as two swans face off across the river

Peggy's punt lands at Scudamore's

Nick gets ready with a chain

Isobel's punt lands