Qualcomm Punting on the Cam, Cambridge - 18th August 2005

Qualcomm Cambridge goes for a punt up the River Cam. At the end of the journey waits Bill "I am food" Munday, ably manning a big gas barbie, assisted by Mr C and family. Aside from a few spots of rain, the weather remains favourable, warm and humid. Ben, being a Cambridge Uni alumnus, does the bridge-hop thing on several occasions, and there's a good deal of inter-punt banter and shenanigans on the way...

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Kings' College chapel

James, ever the cautious IT dude, seals his wallet away in a waterproof pouch

Scudamore's punts

Nick C steals a head-start

The first bridge, and Ben leaps out of the punt to do the bridge-hop

Isobel trails her hand through the cool waters of the Cam

Ben declines to bridge-hop on this particular occasion

Anwar takes a picture-phone snap

The rest of the pack close in

Ben hops another bridge

Ben had suggested to the boys on the bridge that Peter K's boat wouldn't mind being 'bombed'

Ducks on the bank watch with curiosity

Peter paddles

Anwar gets stuck in a tree

A strange, feral, boy waits in a tree

Peggy Johnson (right), head of QIS is punted along by Tim Simpson

An almost Constable-esque scene

More Peter paddling

It all gets a bit competitive as Peter's punt rams us into the bank

There's a look of serious concentration on Nick C's face as the race between him and Ben hots up

Showing off: one of the Scudamore dudes returns downstream with four punts at once

Isobel and Anwar get stuck in to a bit more action

Bill in a cloud of barbeque smoke

Someone takes their cat for a walk

Nick B's punt arrives

Bill with a bunch of burgers ready to barbeque

Nadine meets us at the barbeque

Bill's burgers on fire

A champagne cork is popped, nearly landing on an adjacent group several metres away

Rusty chats to Peggy

Tim S with a glass of red wine

A couple of cute moos in a nearby field

Returning to Cambridge in the gathering darkness

A slightly-out-of-focus Marcello fends us away with a paddle

James W looks a bit moist

A bizarre stand-off: two swans face each other across the river, and a bunch of geese are too scared to get in

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Kings' College chapel