Route 78: A Drive Around the San Diego Mountains, California - 9th August 2005

It's the third working trip to San Diego this year, and after a few hours of meetings at head office, Nosher heads out in a convertible v8 Mustang to tour the mountains of San Diego, in the Cleveland National Forest and the Cuyamaca Rancho State Park. The route (after an unintended wander around the myriad seemingly-identical freeways in order to get started) takes in Routes 78 and 79, a few minor roads and a return back up Interstate 8 - a total of around 120 miles. There's a song, "It Never Rains in California", which in this case was not entirely correct, as just the other side of the small town of Julian, CA, menacing and scary clouds rolled in consuming the mountain tops before them: the weather changed from bright sunshine to end-of-the-world dark, cloudy skies in less than an hour.

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A patriotic shed just outside Ramona. The paint was donated by 'Ransom Brothers' - long-lost rellies perhaps

Postboxes on sticks

Desertey scrub

I-78 heads to the mountains

The hired car

Just detectable: a rainbow without rain

I-78 winds down into Santa Ysabel

A wooden stockade or something


A Santa Ysable real-estate agent

Rusting antique farm machinery

An antique shop with a whole heap of stuff outside well as a box of pine-cones

A big 'sem-eye' hauls a trailer-full of beer

David Huls' Scrimshaw Studio on I-78

It's like a cliché scene from a college-kids-get-lost-in-the-woods horror film

The pleasant, but almost-too-twee town of Julian, CA

Julian's town hall

Yay! a fire hydrant

The W. E. Cole building: Pistols and Petticoats for sale. indeed

A small-town liquor store

A sort-of self-portrait in the reflections of a shop window

A house on a hill-top. The dark skies are massing behind

The intimidating clouds seem to roll in with a purpose

Desert scrub in Cuyamaca Rancho State Park

Forest fires a few years ago have left their mark

Scary tree...

Scary clouds.

Up on Sunrise Highway to see, er, a sunset

The hire-car makes another impressive appearance

Frosty Burger in Guatay, near I-8

Lights from a gas station reflect in the wet tarmac

Closed: No Loitering

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A patriotic shed just outside Ramona. The paint was donated by 'Ransom Brothers' - long-lost rellies perhaps