A Working Trip to Rome, Italy - 10th September 1999

Nosher's in Italy to take part in a meeting of the EU's DG XIII GALA project - Global Access to Local something or other - which Suffolk County Council is part of, with its Traveline on-line booking system. Nosher nearly misses the meeting on account of deciding to walk, but it's a humid day and further than it looked on the map. After ending up down a street with the smell of tomato plants in the air, it's time for a taxi to the meeting venue. The meeting itself is only a few hours, so there's plenty of time to explore Rome itself.

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The Spanish Steps

Crowds on the Spanish Steps

It's like Frederico Fellini film or somethihg

Marlene sits upon a wall

The Trevi Fountain

Milling tourists by the fountain

Trevi again

Crowds by the fountain

A back street somewhere

The Forum

Trajan's Column

A Roman gate

The Colosseum

'Romans' outside the Colosseum

The Colosseum in scaffolding

Inside the Colosseum

A view of the inside of the Colosseum

A wide view of the Colosseum

Somewhere around the Forum

Wandering around the Palatine

Roman ruins

More ruins

Flowers in the ruins

Classic Italian trees

Tourists in the Forum

St. Peter's Square, in Vatican City

The columns of St. Peter's Square

St. Peter's Square

Inside the St. Peter's Basilica

A fountain somewhere

A view of the Eternal City from the top of the Spanish Steps

Rome, from the Spanish Steps

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The Spanish Steps