Crowds throng the Spanish Steps

Crowds throng the Spanish Steps

Teeming crowds

Like a Frederico Fellini film

A fountain

The Trevi Fountain

Trevi does its thing

Crowds by the Trevi Fountain

Hanging around the Trevi Fountain

Marlene sits upon the wall

A Roman side street

The Forum

Behind the Forum

Behind the Forum again

A Roman gate near the Forum

A woman takes a break in the Palatine

Somewhere up in the Palatine

Purple flowers in the Palatine

Roman ruins

Walking up Palatine Hill

A square somewhere

Trajan's Column

The Colosseum is covered in scaffolding

'Romans' outside the Colosseum

The complicated insides of the Colosseum

Another view inside the Colosseum

Tour groups mill around inside the Colosseum

A street-market stall in a shady spot

Time for a panino and coke at a café

Another fountain

Shafts of light in St. Peter's

The dome of St. Peter's Basillica

A crowd of chairs in St. Peter's

The nave of St Peter's

Painted frescos in St. Peter's

An altar

More shafts of light in St. Peter's

St. Peter's

A fountain in St Peter's Square, Vatican

St. Peter's Square

Columns around St. Peter's Square

Another view of the Spanish Steps

A last view of the Eternal City