The Bethesda Chapel on Earsham Street

The Bethesda Chapel on Earsham Street

An old London and Provincial Bank sign

A boarded up former hotel

The old-school H Whightman and Son Limited

A woman and dog outside Bungay Pet Stores

Bungay's Buttermarket

A pair of boarded-up cottages

Bigod's Bungay castle

Looking up St. Mary's Street

Isobel looks around in St. Mary's

Simple stained glass windows

St. Mary's is an unusual square shape

An Anglo-Saxon font

Isobel in St. Mary's churchyard

The graveyard and rear view of St. Mary's

Older stained glass in the Saxon church

The Saxon church of Holy Trinity

The original 1930's-ness of Wightman and Son

Isobel in Ma Belle Bakery on Cross Street

An 'aerial' view of the Buttermarket

A K6 phonebox on St. Mary's Street

Isobel looks in a shop window

Isobel outside the Recycled Weasel

A car-parts shop on Olland Street

Isobel looks at stuff in the shop

Ma Belle Bakery

Another old bank - there are a lot in Bungay

The Three Tuns pub on Earsham Street

There's a nice original window

Dereliction in a back yard

Another nice building on Earsham Street

Isobel in Palfrey and Hall, the posh butcher

There's a masked golden ram in Palfrey's

A flower shop on Earsham Street

A pub with a dual identity

The remains of a Victorian sign on a shop