The hail really comes down

The hail really comes down

There's a covering of white within minutes

The hail drifts up on the garden furniture

The remains of a rainbow

Harry whittles on a stick

Fred stands under a tree

Fred with his home-made scythe

Isobel outside the White Horse

Grandad rides an invisible moped

Fred does some origami

Fred does a one-eye, as Harry's on the phone

Grandad and Sis get masks on

In the White Horse car park

Clive's Farmall tractor

A frenzy of fish feast on a wheat tortilla wrap

Fred scuds about in the boat

Milly takes Harry out for a boat trip

The electricity pole is holding the barn up

Fred finds a discarded office chair

Grandad takes tea in the garden

The boys on the Oaksmere's pirate ship

Some serious swinging occurs

The old man of the tree looks out sadly

Fred swings on the baby seat

The boys eat ice cream at Southwold

The RNLI station at Southwold

We head off to the beach

In the dunes

Sis and Isobel chat

Fred is buried

The beach is heaving

Fred is excavated

Harry eats some crayfish tails

Sis shakes a towel out

The boys jump off the dunes

More leaping

Wandering back to the car park

The Southwold Marshes

An implausibly-derelict house on Ferry Road

Fred stares down the barrel of a gun

The cannon of Gun Hill

There's a funfair in town

Cliff-top house and a load of pink flowers

Southwold beach is packed

Fred walks along the prom's edge

Fred eats a Southwold Special ice cream

A nice green Aston-Martin drives past

Isobel and Harry

Southwold market place, by the Swan Hotel

There's demolition in progress

Derelict buildings are up for demolition

Fred, Harry and Isobel on the High Street

We have a go on the dodgems

The fair is out on South Green

Baby-blue house and a yallow skip