Harry tries to explain Bakugan rules

Harry tries to explain Bakugan rules

Isobel plays with some game tokens

Isobel and Harry share a seafood platter

Harry reads a book

Isobel and Harry in Diss Garden Centre

Harry wanders off

We visit Bressingham Garden Centre as well

Harry looks surprised in Mountain Warehouse

Harry runs around in Mountain Warehouse

Harry and Isobel look at barbeques

Isobel checks a barbeque out at Bressingham

Harry teases the automatic doors

Harry in Bressingham Garden Centre

Isobel, Hamish and Jane

Janes chats

Hamish gets ready to head off

Hamish leans on his car

Isobel pays the bill at Cafeye

In Eye, looking towards Lowgate Street

A small art gallery is up for sale

Harry is Secretary of State for Education

The boys help Isobel with a birthday tea

Marc at the 'bar' at Bruha

The Boy Phil and Paul

The delights of Progress Way

Bruha's sign shows its Station 119 legacy

The bar has moved into the warehouse/brewery

Fred learns to mow the lawn, as Harry watches

Fred on the lawnmower

Isobel chats to Sis

Isobel and Sis carry on conversing

Harry's eyes peer out of a carboard box

Fred tries the box on for size

Boy in a box

Harry controls fire with his willpower

Harry gets the fire going

Harry does some moves around the smoke

The boys play in the back room