Ingatestone Dry Cleaners

Ingatestone Dry Cleaners

Ingatestone High Street

There's plenty of traffic on the M25

Bell Common tunnel on the M25

Light at the end of the tunnel

The motorway has a 60 limit on the go

The tripple-stacked bridges over the M25

The long-lived Give Peas a Chance graffiti is gone

The traffic grinds to a stop again

Enigmatic Helch graffiti

We stop off at Fleet Services on the M3

The M3 experiences a temporary queue

The link bridge over the M3

Tape on the floor attempts some Covid separation

There's a big protest banner on the A303

Stonehenge as seen from the nearby A303

Stonehenge is diminished by the traffic

Visitors walk around Stonehenge

Another tumulus near Stonehenge

A herd of cows near the A303

A nice tree tunnel on the A303

A K6 phonebox defibillator near Throwleigh

The road to Throwleigh

The Providence Chapel

Devon fields

The Tom Cobley beer garden is bliss

Roger the landlord chats to some regulars

Roger behind the Cobley's bar

Spreyton's 'high street'

The awesome Tom Cobley Tavern in Spreyton

Narrow roads at Sandy Park

Moretonhamstead in Devon

The gardens of Mother's care home

Sis shows a phone photo in the 'library'

Curious hut in Bovey Tracey

Mother potters around the dining room

We have a nice lunch of random stuff from the shop

Sis and Mother, on the patio

Sis shows off more photos

Cows in a field on the way back to Bovey

An old building on the Thompson's site at Bovey

Thompson's of Devon has cleared out

The Thompson's offices and remaining workshops

Bovey Tracey, near the Co-op

Dartmoor Garages - open as usual

Mother outside her home

Matt and Sis stride over to the Cobley

Matt does the hand-sanitiser thing

The top of the hill at Chapel Park

Patterns on the ceiling from a lampshade

Mother's lounge

The view from an upstairs bedroom

The outside is redecorated

The view from the garden

Mother's patio and garden

The dining room is packed away

Packing boxes in the lounge

A last look at the kitchen

A small corner remains untouched for now

Back on the road, at Countess Services on the A303