The road to Thornham

The road to Thornham

A field of oilseed

Nosher's mad lockdown hair

The road into Thrandeston

The Sue Ryder charity shop has packed it in

A rainy Mere Street

The former Eastern Electricity building

The bottom of Mere Street in the rain

The old tourist office

A small huddle of pigeons near the Mere

A load of trolleys in the tunnel at Morrisons

Harry gets an ice cream to Lynford Stag

A stag with a red willy at Lynford Stag

Harry and Isobel walk off through the woods

Fred and Isobel in the woods

Lime-green trees

Isobel takes a photo

Lines of fungus on a tree stump

Isobel sits on a log

Harry runs around whacking stuff

Isobel finds a den

A tree with an interesting kink in it

We walk back to the car

Mundford's shop on the Mundford roundabout

A funky van from 1990

Isobel and Harry head back from the bogs

We head off into town

Brick and flint shed in Swaffham

The Works in Swaffham is closing down

The Buttercross on the market place

The boys roam around in The Works

Isobel looks at a pile of books

Looking at stationery

Fred in a mask

Fred and Harry

Fred plays with his new magic cube thing

A family of ducks crosses the road

The traffic is stopped by the crossing ducks

The ducks trundle past Iceland

The classic old-school Starling florists

Impressive flint townhouse in Swaffham

The Red Lion pub

There's some sort of moped gathering

An old tobacco shop

A line-up of classic Vespas and Lambrettas

Outside the Red Lion, our lunch pub

The ghost of a building, bricked up

The Swaffham war memorial

The former Cornhall in Swaffham, now a Costa

A derelict K6 phone box

The very-1970s Margaret's Tea Rooms

Lunch arrives at the Red Lion

Harry grins

A dog looks very fed up

We head off to explore the churchyard

St. Peter and St. Paul church

A big house with not many real windows

A duck nests by a gravestone

Fred watches the ducklings

A duck with fluffy ducklings

Fred and Harry watch the ducks

A load more ducklings

Isobel runs around the churchyard

The very grey Oasis Centre in Swaffham

A pair of very derelict vans

The tiny Myhill's Pet and Garden

The anonymous 'Tasty House' in Downham Market

Harry and Isobel in Downham Market

Harry's got a stick

The James Scott clock in Downham Market

Fred and Harry hang around

The classic Reeds Homestores shop

Isobel heads in for her vaccination

Boarded-up apartments in Downham Market

Harry leans on a wall

There's a very old building behind W.H. Brown's

Downham Market's Town Hall

The James Scott clock again

The vacant Castle Hotel

We met a friendly invisible cat in the car park

The derelict Mill House garage

Derelict petrol pumps

A derelict corrugated-iron workshop

Mill House Garage

A derelict diesel pump