The East Anglian Air Ambulance is out again

The East Anglian Air Ambulance is out again

Fred looks bored already, seconds after arriving

The Jolly Sailor, near the quay

Isobel heads up the alley

There's a queue for the bakery

There are some truly massive pumpkins in a garden

Hanging around near the Orford Meat Shed

Nice brick buildings by the crossroads

Isobel gets back with some smoothies

Along the shoreline

A memorial bench

Walking past Pinney's of Orford

We do our own visit to the Meat Shed

The gang peer into the shop

Isobel buys a ham hock

Inside the Orford Meat Shed

Walking past the village hall

Harry's on a cannon

A rare photo of Orford Castle with no-one in it

The boys run up and down the dry moat

Harry runs around

A collection of rusting farm machinery

On the path to the river

Fred collects some seeds

Wind-blown grasses

A mixed collection of houses

Harry on the path

Walkers on the sea wall

Orford quay

The boys roam around down by the river

Fred's found something interesting

A lump of rusty iron

Skeletons of old boats

An abandoned boat in the mud

Down by the waterline

A boat on the river

The derelict petrol station

Old garage sheds

The derelict Orford petrol station