A Postcard From Caister on Sea, Norfolk - 6th May 2019

We need a new awning for the van, so head over to Norwich Camping and Leisure in Blofield, east of Norwich, to see what they've got in stock. Afterwards, as we're in the general direction of the east Norfolk coast, we decide to try out Caister on Sea. It's a bit wet, but we find an excellent fish and chip shop, and then spend some time poking around at the Caister Lifeboat - an unusually-independent lifeboat, which is privately funded

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The boys look at miniature dog tents, which they think would work with the cats

Isobel and Fred roam around

There's a truly epic collection of barbeques

Harry helps to carry some of our purchases around

The many mirrors of the Caister fish and chip shop

Isobel looks around

Harry and Fred enjoy the 'infinite mirror' experience

We leave the chipper

Next door to the chip shop is a nice old cottage

The Caister Social Club

There's a big anchor outside the Caister Lifeboat shed

A decaying pink tractor in the rain

More old tractors

Fred's impressed by the size of the tracks on the lifeboat tractor

The Caister lifeboat

The boys do some drawing

Mars Bars under the looming hulk of the Casiter Lifeboat

Isobel and Harry head off to the sea in the rain

The original lifeboat shed, and the wind turbines out to sea

Harry has fun trying on a helmet

Fred's on the microphone

The lovely wooden top of the old 1930s lifeboat

The boys do one of those comedy cut-out pictures

On a rain-soaked slipway

The boys on the sea front

The remains of the Caister Roman fort

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The boys look at miniature dog tents, which they think would work with the cats