A Postcard from Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire - 9th September 2018

It's the day after Grandad's RAF Reunion AGM and dinner at the Stratford Manor Hotel, whereupon after breakfast we check out and head in to Stratford to show Fred and Harry Shakespeare's house, as well as walk around the river and go up on a ferris wheel. Then, after lunch, it's back home.

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Harry and Isobel in the hotel reception

Fred checks out

The G-Unit and Isobel

The boys mess around with the mirror-sculpture thing

Grandad roams around with a fag on

On the way to Straford, we pass a derelict roadside café

Grandad in Stratford

Somebody's had a good time in a phone box

Harry follows around some bird tracks in the paving stones

Fred, Harry and the Silver Knight of Straford

Isobel heads over to put some money in the cup

The knight points at the G-Unit

Fred in a Shakespeare cut-out

Harry as Bill Shakespeare

The boys outside William Shakespeare's house

Grandad outside a 1960s library

Fred gets an ice cream at last

Grandad and Isobel on the streets of Stratford, where it's actually not too heaving

The Barclays Bank on the top of Bridge Street

Golden post boxes on Bridge Street

Harry and Fred outside an abandoned BHS

Inside the corporate shell of the former British Home Stores

Grandad and Harry in the riverside market

The American Fountain on Rother Street

Some dude opens the lock gate between the River Avon and the Stratford Upon Avon Canal

There's a huge flock of Swans on the River Avon

Big wheel in the sky, contra jour

Harry in the ferris wheel

High up over Stratford

The River Avon, aerial view

The Royal Shakespeare Company

Grandad and the geese

Harry and Fred stalk a goose

Rowers on the River Avon

A swan pokes its head up over the footpath

More rowers on the river

Some old mill building, and the old bridge over the Avon

Isobel brandishes a wooden dagger

Down at the boathouse

Somebody mimics the statue of Falstaff

Harry is mesmerised by the fruit machine in the Pen & Parchment

Harry and Fred wait for lunch

Isobel outside the Pen and Parchment

Harry and Fred in Bridgefoot Car park

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Harry and Isobel in the hotel reception