An Anglo-Saxon Village, West Stow, Suffolk - 19th February 2017

Fred, who's not long before been on a school trip, makes a Sunday suggestion for a trip to West Stow museum/Anglo-Saxon village. And so it was.

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Harry points at real dinosaur bones

The gang roams around one of the museums

The boys run around a smoking house

Inside the smoky house, someone is being all Saxon

In a smoky room - it's actually quite nice once you get used to it

One of the reconstructed buildings - each building was an experiment to see how they might have been built

Harry is a blur of action on a lathe

Isobel in the Great Hall

Fred and Harry on a log

Harry and Isobel

Some children run around pretending to be Saxon

Fred has another go at archery

Fred takes aim

Another shot

An amusing scarecrow with a helmet in the style of a Saxon

Bright orange logs

Fred with a Sutton-Hoo-esque helmet on

Harry in a museum

Nosher tries the helmet on

Fred's got a big foot

A carved boar and some runes

The boys run off to the playground

Fred clings to a climbing wall

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Harry points at real dinosaur bones