A trip to Portugal: Getting There, Stansted and Albufeira - 3rd April 2016

Isobel sorts out a relatively cheap and cheerful holiday to the Algarve, at the Hotel Paraiso in Albufeira. It's a late-ish flight out of Stansted, and the first morning is grey and damp - but the 80's-style canteen is doing breakfast, and there's a shuttle bus to take is in for our first look around the old Albufeira town. Whilst looking around, we decide to try out "Sir Harry's Bar", on account of it being Harry's name and all, in what turns out to be the first of several visits.

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Isobel and Harry wait at the long-stay bus stop at Stansted

Fred messes around

The gang on the bus

Isobel checks something on her pooPhone

Fred hauls his Trunki around the check-in area at Stansted

The broken-down monorail train that's going nowhere

A wet Stansted

An Easyjet A320 (at least they support the European airspace industry)

Harry on the plane

The morning after the late arrival and it's time for breakfast

Hotel canteen, 80s style

Isobel looks out from the balcony

Down in Albufeira old town, there's an encouraging 'don't piss here' message on a wall

A street in to Albufeira

Isobel and Fred play kickabout with Fred's new Portugal football

Harry digs away in the sand

Some dude trudges up the beach

More football action, as Isobel's hair goes flying

A fresco made of shells

We wander around near a church

Shopping street in old Albufeira

A dog looks out on to the street from the roof of a BP Gas retailer

We land in Sir Harry's bar - it had to be, given the name

Pale-green building

In the nearby Continente supermarket, there's a ton of salted cod

Isobel and Harry pass a quaintly-fading building as we head back to the old town for some food

Isobel and Harry in the the El Brigante restaurant

Fred looks shocked

Opposite the restaurant is the 'Geordie Viking' bar

The El Brigante restaurant

Neon sign from the next-door hotel - the Brisa Sol

Fred finds a friend to play darts with

Down in the games room, we play pinball for a bit

The view from the hotel balcony

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Isobel and Harry wait at the long-stay bus stop at Stansted