The Dereliction of Suffolk County Council, Ipswich, Suffolk - 3rd April 2012

Nosher's in Ipswich for a hair cut, but once that's done there's a bit of time to roam around town on the lookout for dereliction. A good source of this is Nosher's former place of work - the old Suffolk County Council HQ ("County Hall") around Rope Walk and St Helen's Street. It's actually shocking (and really scandalous) to see the decay that's setting in to these once functional, vibrant and (in the case of St. Helen's Court) impressive buildings, for no particular reason other than presumably some building project that ran out of money. It's also a little unsettling in a post-apocalyptic/28 Days Later style to see places that Nosher actually worked in falling apart like this.

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Down by Stoke Bridge, a huge octopus has been painted on a wall

St. Nicholas Street, Ipswich

Funky street art on a boarded-up building

The back of the Co-Operative Building in Ipswich

The burnt-out remains of St. Michael's Church on Upper Orwell Street

The boarded-up remains of Barnes of Ipswich Ltd on Upper Orwell Street

The remains of the original sign on the old Odeon Cinema

The former Odeon Cinema building

The wrecked clock tower of St Helen's Court

The main entrance, portcullis style

The fire escape around the back of the main hall

The atrium entrance to the Council Chambers and the rest of Chief Execs, etc

A furnace chimney

The back of St. Andrew's - former home of Libraries & Heritage and Education

Smashed windows in the main hall

Another view of the burnt out remains of St. Michael's Church, as seen from Bond Street

The mostly glassless main window of St. Michael's

Boarded up building on the corner of Grimwade Street and Rope Walk

The old entrance to the Social Club is now in use as a homeless bedroom

The last vestiges of Suffolk County Council on the St. Edmund House building - Nosher's old office

The barrier to St. Andrew's Grimwade Street entrance is a bit wrecked

Nature slowly reclaims the drive up the side of St. Andrew House

Relatively unscathed windows on St. Andrew House

The front entrance to St. Andrew House is now a wino's hang-out

Boarded up doors, swasticas and rubble

Boarded-up windows and a K6 phone box on St. Helen's Street

A rubbish-strewn fire exit from the dungeons of St. Helen's

Back-of-a-building signage

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Down by Stoke Bridge, a huge octopus has been painted on a wall