Fred shines a torch in his face

Fred shines a torch in his face

Harry does his best 'Magnum' or 'Blue Steel'

Harry has a bath. Fred seems to be enjoying it too

Isobel and Evelyn sort out bathtime

Harry gets dried off

Chaos in the kitchen

'Da Wheeze' with Harry

Fred and Isobel make some brownies

Evelyn and Fred mess around

Evelyn carries Fred around the garden

Fred legs it around the garden

Isobel with Harry

Trundling around the back field

Fred and Louise walk around to Chinner's field

Harry's first trip to the pub at 11 days old

Evelyn checks Fred's pocket for stashed sweets

Sylvia comes over to check Harry out

Alan peers over from behind the bar

We go out for Easter lunch in the Cock Inn

Fred and Louise in the Cock Inn, Diss

We have our own room at the back of the pub

Louise and Grandad have a smoke out the back

The sign for last night's BBs gig

Evelyn and Isobel do puddings

Grandad and Fred

Fred looks at Louise's camera

Evelyn, Fred and Isobel

Outside the Cock Inn on Fair Green

Spammy's ABC blanket is put on Harry

Fred and Isobel stump up the stairs

Fred in the Wimpy at Ipswich

Isobel in Wimpy at the Buttermarket in Ipswich

A retro session of 'chippies' at Wimpy

Fred and Isobel

Isobel and Fred in the Thoroughfare, Ipswich

The rainy flagstones of Ipswich

Lots of Isobels and Freds in the Buttermarket lifts

Fred looks at Ducks on the Mere with Grandad

Grandad picks dust out of his eye by the Mere

'Tone' plays some guitar at the Farmers' Market

Diss Farmers' Market, and Trevor the apple man

Farmers' Market on Diss market place

A fancy milkshake stall

Fred picks out his milkshake flavour

Diss Market Place

Fred and Isobel do milkshakes