Derelict buildings near Stoke Bridge

Derelict buildings near Stoke Bridge

A blue octopus, and some chromostereopsis

St. Nicholas Street, Ipswich

Funky street art on a boarded-up building

A market in Cornhill, Ipswich

The old Woolworth's building

The old co-operative building

The back of the Co-Operative Building in Ipswich

The burnt-out remains of St. Michael's Church

St. Michael's on Upper Orwell Street

The remains of Barnes of Ipswich Ltd

A ghost of the former Odeon sign

The former Odeon Cinema building

The wrecked clock tower of St Helen's Court

The 'World Food Store' on St Helen's Street

St. Michael's Church, from a car park

The corner of St. Helen's Street and Bond Street

The castle-like entrance of St. Helen's Court

The fire escape around the back of the main hall

The back of St. Helen's and the 'staff' entrance

The atrium entrance to the Council Chambers

A furnace chimney with 'St Helens' on it

The former home of Libraries & Heritage

Smashed windows in the main hall

Another view of the remains of St. Michael's

The mostly glassless main window of St. Michael's

Wrecked buildings

Boarded up building on Grimwade Street

St. Edmund House - the old County Council offices

The derelict remains of the SCC Social Club

The steps up to the SCC Social Club

Steel boardings on the Rope Walk social club

Funky new college buildings on Rope Walk

The old entrance to the Social Club

The entrance to the former staff car park

The last vestiges of Suffolk County Council

The Grimwade Street entrance to St. Andrew's

The barrier to St. Andrew's Grimwade Street

Nature relaims the drive up past St. Andrew's

Relatively unscathed windows on St. Andrew House

St. Andrew's main entrance

A wrought iron gate

The front entrance to St. Andrew House

Boarded up doors, badly-drawn swasticas and rubble

A burned-out garage on Grimwade Street

A mostly-empty shop on St. Helen's Street

Boarded-up windows and a K6 phone box

Heavily littered steps down to the basement

The former Odeon cinema

Back-of-a-building signage for Fresh Kebab

A last look at the old Co-op building