We head off for a walk on the back field

We head off for a walk on the back field

A snow-swept field

Sis, Matt and Isobel head off around the back field

Fred waves a stick around

Matt with Alfie

Fred stumps about

The late Syd's shed

Fred in the setting sun

The Siberian wastes of Suffolk

Fred follows some tractor tracks

A low winter sun

Alfie triggers a bird explosion

Cows in Church Farm's sheds

The setting sun

Winter tree

Matt and Alfie head off

Matt, Isobel and Sis on the field

Fred roams around

An aeroplane heads off somewhere

Isobel and the Old Man in Lee's Cottage

Time for food in Lee's Cottage

We're off around Thornham Walks again

Snowy trees

Matt with Alfie

Matt by the dog-poo bin

Matt with Alfie the dog

Alfie gives the old dinosaur a sniff

Fred tugs the dinosaur's tai

Alfie stops for a moment

Fred in the Thornham Folly

Alfie barks at stuff

Alfie leaps after a snowball

The greenhouses of Thornham

Fred clings on to a gate

Isobel and Sis hide behind a bush

Fred does some hide-and-seeking

Fred walks about

An invisible cat roams around

Matt, Alfie and Grandad

The dog stops again

Chunky tree bark

A finch of some sort

Blue tits hang around the peanut dispenser

In the Forge Café

Matt builds stuff with Lego

Fred watches as Matt builds

Matt's stripey dinosaur

Millie is disturbed to see a dog in her lounge

Isobel and Fred make some Valentine's biscuits

Fred roams around the grounds of St. Mary's Church in Diss

A view of the Indian View takeway and telephone exchange

Fred in the churchyard

Fred and Isobel

The Mikey P Massive and Suey come over for curry

Curry night with Mikey P, Suey and Clare