Fred messes around with Grandad in Amandines

Fred messes around with Grandad in Amandines

Grandad points at something

Fred and Grandad

Isobel, Fred and Grandad wander down Mere Street

Bill and Tim wander down St. Nicholas Street

On St. Nicholas Street

The boys outside ToyBox Toys

Outside Spice Cottage

The lads scope the menus out

Gov has chosen

Food arrives

Mikey P hands some naan breads around

Bill gets a dish of something smoking and sizzling

Guv and Mikey P do some sort of napkin veil thing

The lads

On the market place

Wavy chats to Tim

We head off up Mere Street

Outside NatWest

The lads walk down Mere Street

At the bar of the Waterfront

Mikey P is back on the Alcopops

Hanging around in the Waterfront

The Harvs do their thing

Wavy and Gov

The Harvs in the corner of the pub

Paul leans on a wall

Life in the back of a taxi

Fred on a slide

Fred has a slide

Fred inspects The Bump

Isobel models the bump in the garden

Fred scoots around on his balance bike

Isobel shows off The Bump