Saturday Diss and a Wintry Walk, Norfolk and Suffolk - 11th February 2012

It's the morning of Sis and Matt's visit, and we're in Diss as is mostly usual on a Saturday, then as Sis and Matt are in town, and are looking for somewhere to walk the dog, we wander off via the back field. Finally, we're out at Lee's Cottage in Eye for a Chinese banquet, and then The Mikey P Massive and Sue come over for a curry night.

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Fred scoffs a freshly-made sausage-in-a-bun from the farmer's market

The Diss Farmer's Market

We meet Emmy and Kirsty

Fred's got a balloon

Barnard's excellent sausage-and-meat stall

Isobel gets some local honey

Fred's got his mittens off

A solitary duck waddles across the frozen Mere

Sis, Matt and Isobel head off around the back field

The late Syd's shed

Fred stops to pick up a stick

Snowy field in the wintry sun

A couple of moos in Church Farm's sheds

Winter tree

Matt and Alfie head off

Birds take to the wing

An aeroplane head off somewhere

in Lee's Cottage, Isobel and Grandad get stuck in

Isobel and Fred make some Valentine's biscuits

Fred roams around the grounds of St. Mary's Church in Diss

Mikey, Isobel, Sue and Clare - it's curry night

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Fred scoffs a freshly-made sausage-in-a-bun from the farmer's market