Mike's Do, Two Bridges, Dartmoor - 12th July 2011

It's Mike's remembrance do at Prince Hall Hotel, near Two Bridges in the heart of Dartmoor. There's a good turnout of close friends and family, and the setting (and food) is fantastic. A major moment is when Harold reveals that he still has a bottle of 1987-vintage Harrow wine - as featured here and here, a vintage which Nosher did several rounds of pruning, summer work and picking on.

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Pre-dinner drinkies

Mike's sister and brother-in-law

Aunt Caroline and Uncle Neil

Matt's parents

Neil does a modelling pose by a Dartmoor gate

Suzie, Harold, Hayley and Kim

A Dartmoor scene

Sis, Caroline and Neil

A spot of football is played

More kickabout action

The children run about

Mike's brother-in-law



Neil and Caroline

Mike's hat

Mother potters about in the garden, back at The Chapel

Having a drink, whilst Alfie stares at the fish

It's all we can do to keep Alfie from leaping in. Nosher holds on.

The evening dinner table is set

The amazing sight of a bottle of 1987 Harrow English wine

Matt gingerly opens up the 24-year-old white wine. It's not really drinkable, but it's still a moment

Unrelated, but a photo at Kew Gardens in 1999 of Nosher and Mother

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Pre-dinner drinkies